Email Marketing Essentials by Joolz Joseph

Email Marketing Essentials

Your guide to creating an email marketing strategy that builds long term relationships with prospects and customers. 

Who's it for?

Marketing Managers / Executives or small business owners looking to improve their specialist email marketing knowledge.
Agency account managers and execs looking to develop their skills in the email marketing arena. 


This course focuses on the key elements needed in your email programme.  

Delivered through 7 half hour videos with an accompanying workbook that you can use to answer the questions posed, jot down ideas and plan out your program in a logical and structured way. 

It covers key questions you need to answer and is filled with examples and best practices to ensure you maximise the benefits from this profitable channel.

  • Setting the scene
    Understanding why email marketing is important and key statistics that should influence you . A look at setting goals and doing research to inform your program.
  • Who?
    List growth and management strategies including list building considerations.  Understanding data best practices and segmentation options with examples to lead the way. 
  • Why?
    Understanding the value of email for your recipients and creating content that works to meet your objectives. Looking at the types and benefits of personalisation. 
  • When?
    The importance of timing in email communications and moving beyond blast communications to relevant automations delivered in a timely fashion.
  • How?
    Optimising efficiencies with the correct processes for delivery, including choosing your email service provider and aligning internal processes.
  • What?
    A look at creative best practices to drive recipients through open to conversion including subject lines, imagery, copy, design and calls to action. 
  • Testing and Metrics
    What are the key metrics you need to look at and how to take things to the next level with RFM modelling and lead scoring. Details on how you should go about putting a testing plan in place and what to include. 

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos File Icon 1 file


Setting the scene
19 mins
Email Marketing Essentials Workbook.pdf
1.14 MB
32 mins
28 mins
27 mins
30 mins
31 mins
Metrics and Testing
28 mins


Already picked up some great tips and put some things on my ‘immediate to do list!”. In fact one thing I did straight away (paused the video) rather than out it on my never-ending list! I think it is a course that I will go through two-three times so that I can pick out everything and work on all the tips as there is so much information, hints and tips, I am sure I need a couple of watches to make sure I get everything. I love that you can learn as well as pick up practical advice to action straight away without being bombarded with jargon! 
So easy to understand and the workbook really complements the webinars.
Leah Waller, Total Legacy Care
The online course was AWESOME and great value for money (so much value-add!!!)- informative, easy to follow and great to get me started.
Karyn Pricthard, The FD Centre
Developed for Marketing Managers keen to strategically over-haul their e-marketing, create a robust sales funnel and develop a tribe of brand advocates. It really explores how important it is to understand the customer journey and the brand touch points to drive engagement and a return on investment for all your marketing efforts. Well worth taking a look!

Jo Bayne, Sweet Charity
"Great, relevant info"
Amy B, Nutty Amber Videos